On The Edge

An Evening with Diving's Explorers

Keeping alive the traits of vision, courage and tenacity that make diving exploraton among the most compelling and relevant of high-risk enterprises, OZTek2017 presents an evening 'On the Edge'; a spellbinding glimpse into the high-octane world of three of modern diving's most accomplished and talented underwater explorers.

A ticketed event to be held in the OZTek2017 Exhibition Hall 1 theatre on the evening of Saturday 18th March 2017, 'On The Edge' will feature presentations by Explorer Club members Rod Macdonald, Paul Toomer and Jill Heinerth and be emceed by David Strike.

A sport once tagged as the domain of adrenaline junkies, cave divers have become an important asset to scientists exploring global climate change, archaeology, water issues and unique biology.  

Recently appointed Explorer-in-Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Jill Heinerth will share stories from her expeditions to faraway caves around the world - from the Sahara desert to inside Antarctic icebergs, deep on the Challenger Sea Mount and beneath Bahamian islands.  Her presentation on 'The Science of Cave Diving' will offer a fast-paced multimedia show about tiny venomous creatures and ancient lofty stalagmites that tell the story of earth before man.

Switching from caves to Kitchener, the evening continues with another OZTeK first...

Granted permission by the UK Secretary of State for Defence to dive the wreck of the WW1 armoured cruiser, HMS Hampshire - struck by a German mine on the 5th June 1916 and sinking off the Orkney Islands of Scotland in 70-metres of water - Rod Macdonald recently led an Explorers Club Flag Expedition to document and film the remains of this historic and seldom-visited wreck.

In a world exclusive seen by a public audience for the first time, Macdonald's presentation on 'HMS Hampshire' will be accompanied by stunning video clips and still images of the warship that became the tomb of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum; a controversial figure who was considered by many to be the greatest soldier of his time and the magic of whose name called into being the largest volunteer army that Britain had ever seen. Appointed as the UK Secretary of State for War, Kitchener was on a mission to Russia to introduce some of his own efficiency to the armed forces of that country when HMS Hampshire met its fate.

An exciting, entertaining and informative programme with appeal to both divers and non-divers alike, bookings for OZTeK2017's evening 'On The Edge' are essential and can be made by clicking the link Buy Now     

Jill Heinerth at OZTek2017Jill Heinerth 

Rod Macdonald

OZTek Advanced Diving speaker Paul ToomerPaul Toomer
HMS Hampshire at OZTek2017Port propeller of the HMS Hampshire Marjo Tynkkynen

The upturned bow of HMS Hampshire in 68 metres of water by Marjo Tynkkynen