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As a conference-based event dedicated to all underwater activities, and achievements, OZTek’s aim is to provide something for everyone: technical, history, physiology, wrecks, caves, photography … and inspire. With that goal in mind, we approached, and received the support of some of the world’s pre-eminent divers in their respective fields of diving expertise (motley crew pictured above!).

At any one time during the course of the two-day symposium, there were up to five conference sessions/workshops running simultaneously. As far as was possible, we attempted to present presentations so people with specific diving interests could concentrate on those topics of particular appeal.

The 2019 feedback noted the range of speaker topics was excellent and of exemplary quality. And I sincerely thank all the speakers for creating such a dynamic and interesting environment. Especially thanks too, for embracing the new headsets - a new conference environment for us all. It does mean going forward, OZTek is not limited to the traditional theatre-style conference setting, and can now open up the possibility of other, potentially more adventurous, venues.

Freediving & OZTek TV:

In 2017 we introduced photography, with workshops and exhibitions. In 2019 we included a full program of freediving topics - made possible by sponsors RAID International & Deeper Blue. As a toe dipping exercise, it was extremely successful and I encourage you to check out the OZTek YouTube Channel featuring the outstanding work of Dean Laffan and Adrian Davis (Real World) in producing some fun and inspiring OZTek TV videos. Plus Michael Menduno for his eclectic interviewing.

With some surprising crossovers between diving and freediving, interest was apparent in the numbers - with scuba divers attending freediving sessions to learn more about this growing segment of the industry.

As we move forward toward the next event, we will be bringing you some of the other 2019 presentations through audio, video and images. Massive thanks to Dean and Adrian for all their work and support. Complete stars.



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