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Hollis Explorer Rebreather Training

OZTeK2017 Prize Hollis Explorer Rebreather Training

OZTeK2017 Prize Hollis Explorer Rebreather Training

OZTeK2017 Prize Hollis Explorer Rebreather Training

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Dive Centre Manly
Dive Centre Manly

Value: $995

Imagine, no noisy bubbles… Silent.

Longer bottom times bringing you closer interaction with marine life…

Compact and light with warm moist recycled air - keeping you warmer in cold water. Sound intriguing?

If so, then this prize could be the perfect opportunity to find out if rebreather diving is good for you.

Dive Centre Manly is offering a PADI Open Water Rebreather Dive Course using the Hollis Explorer Sports Rebreather, allowing you the chance to be trained and experience it for yourself.

The Unit:

The Explorer unit is neither a fully closed circuit Rebreather nor a pure semi-closed system, but an intelligent hybrid utilising the best of both worlds. It’s compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use.

The Explorer is unique because it uses a single gas; Nitrox, and is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time. Easy guided setup with go or no go, CO2 tracking, and 2-hour design duration make this the best choice for any recreational diver.

The Explorer diver has many advantages over open circuit divers including breathing moist warm gas which keeps your body warmer, increased bottom and gas time independent of depth, and since it does not produce any invasive bubbles, you will not only see more sea life than ever before but also enjoy many unique interactive experiences. The Hollis Explorer and underwater photographer are a perfect combination.

What does it entail?

The PADI Open Water Rebreather Diver course is an entry-level semiclosed-circuit rebreather (SCR) course qualifying you to dive to 18 metres using the Hollis Explorer rebreather.

Once qualified at the entry level, simply complete some additional dives and training, and upgrade your certification to dive to 30 metres. The only additional prerequisite is Advanced Open water diver.

As well as having an excellent time diving, the course home study materials cover:

  • History and Evolution of Rebreathers
  • Comparison & benefits to Open Circuit, SCR & CCR
  • Electronic and Manual Features of a Rebreather
  • Design, Maintenance and Scrubber Packing
  • Emergency Procedures and Automatic Pre-Dive Test?

Course Duration

1 evening orientation 1 x Pool session and 4 open water dives over 2 days


Open Water Diver with 25 logged dives and Enriched Air Diver certified, 18 years old.

Included in the prize

PADI Rebreather training pack, certification as a Open Water Rebreather Diver, hire of a Rebreather, ocean, pool dives and consumables (dive sorb etc).


The prize is worth $995 and is not redeemable for cash or exchange for other goods and services