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Welcoming Address
- Sue Crowe


Plenary Opening - HMS Hampshire
- Rod Macdonald                              more info

Specialist team of divers visit the HMS Hampshire with special permission to explore and document on her 100th anniversary. This magnificent war grave has many stories to tell & brand new footage no one has seen before. Rod Macdonald Expedition Leader takes us on the adventure.

Caves of Cuba
- Jill Heinerth    more info

National Geographic expeditions to photograph and explore this hitherto unknown (& restricted) area of the world. See the archaeological and cultural artefacts in this new frontier & see what the team discovered.

Helium Penalty
- David Doolette    more info

Popular technical diving decompression algorithms prescribe increasingly longer decompressions as fraction of helium in the breathing mixture is increased, but is this extra decompression actually required?

In Search of the Eagle
- Tomek Stachura    more info

The incredible story of the heroic Polish submarine, which escaped while pursued from Nazi and Russian's to England.
She bravely served in the Allied fleet, and then disappeared without a trace in May 1940.

Topic to be confirmed      - Georges Cameras   more info

More information to come
Break               30 mins

Deep Wreck Exploration
- Vic Verlinden    more info

The logistics and considerations of taking images during explorations at depths beyond receational limits - wrecks include U455 submarine, HMS Victoria, SS Leopoldville, Focke Wulf 58, SS Drumond Castle, Amoco Milford Haven, Protee Submarine, Natal, Graf Zeppelin & Espana.

Slug Lake Revealed
- Deborah Johnston    more info

Slug Lake Exploration project - is this the deepest cave in Australia?

The Issue of Closed Circuit Bailout
- Richard Harris    more info

The issues of carrying adequate bailout for CCR divers a long way down or along way from home. Is a second rebreather the answer? A look at bailout options in exploratory diving

Through The Viewfinder
- Amanda Cotton    more info

Diving allows us to disconnect from the topside world; learning to balance experience, encounters, and desires is paramount to a successful dive for capturing incredible imagery and enjoying your time underwater. Join Amanda as she touches on what allows her to capture images while maintaining focus on the big picture.

SSI - Contemporary Rebreather Training
- Ben Reymenants    more info

Discover the beauty of using a rebreather & exactly what is involved.

When Disaster Strikes
- Alex Santos    more info

The problem with the ocean is that when things go wrong - they go wrong very quickly with often castatrophic results. Take a peek at the peculiarities of disasters at sea and witness the challenges divers face in order to recover the unfortunate souls deep inside their holds.

Thinking Deep
- Edd Stockdale    more info

Oxford Uni research expedition & Honduras first time CCR used for deep manned stereo video & ecological data.

Rebreather Checklists
- Gareth Lock    more info

Factors contributing to the use of checklists in rebreather diving. Gareth considers these after a study examining over 1000 rebreather divers is completed.

Different Strokes ...
- Becky KS & Pete Mesley     more info

Photographers Becky Kagan Schott and Pete Mesley have travelled the world shooting shipwrecks. This talk concentrates on their very different techniques and the unique ways they look at lighting, composition, and working with models.

rEvo Basics 
- Paul Raymaekers    more info

Find out all about the rEvo Rebreather from the expert.
Break               45 mins

Exploration & Discovery in the North Atlantic – A Tale of U-boats & Minefields
- Barry McGill    more info

Search & discovery of two of these war losses recently been discovered & documented. One, an Armed Merchant Cruiser, HMS Viknor which was lost, with the only trace being the wreckage washing up along the entire North coast of Ireland. The 2nd, a German U-boat UB-124, attacked and destroyed with the loss of all hands. UB-124, had attacked & sunk the second largest ship of the war, RMS Justicia just hours earlier.

Don’t be Dense
- Simon Mitchell    more info

The need to plan deep dives to optimise breathing. See Presentation previews for full details.

Under the Pole - Polar Exploration Diving
- Franck Gazzola    more info

Franck will take you on an exciting journey to the Arctic, exploring the hidden side of the icebergs, under the northern lights. The team of the innovative underwater expedition ‘Under The Pole'’ spent 18 months exploring the unknown in -1.7ºC water , & reaching record depths of 112 metres under the sea ice.
In this incredible journey under extreme latitudes where diving is synonymous of tremendous challenges, Franck will share with you the stories behind the photos, the technical & logistical hurdles, as well as the personal story that led him to leave behind a successful corporate career to become a full time professional Adventure|Travel|Lifestyle Photographer.

See Under The Pole III • 2017-2020’s trailer: applications.

Above & Below
- Matty Smith    more info

Matty Smith has made above & below photography his specialty. Come and learn about the techniques to get this right and make a big impact.

Diving Bikini Atoll & more
 - Frank Van Der Linde    more info

Diving Bikini Atoll and Master Liveaboards with Frank Van Der Linde of Worldwide Dive and Sail

Business of Shark Conservation
- Cristina Zenato    more info

How creating a business around shark diving enabled Cristina to give back; donate research and non-profit work including the free education of Bahamians, cave exploration and teaching OWUSS Rolex Scholars. This is also about the change in Bahamian approach to live sharks as a source of income.

The world's Deepest Dive
- David Strike
   more info

The background to the Royal Navy's early deep diving helium trials and the story of a diving depth record that has never been equalled.

Dive Computers - Design Considerations
- Bruce Partridge    more info

Shearwater has become a significant player in the world of dive computers and rebreather control systems. Bruce will present the history of Shearwater from its beginnings to the present. He will follow the path from the early experimentation with CCR 2000 and KISS rebreathers through EN 14143 certification, to the current widespread use of Shearwater rebreather control systems.

This presentation will cover a lot of the history of Shearwater with the industry forces that have shaped today’s industry from one person’s perspective.

Managing Macro
- Ross Gudgeon    more info

Details on this workshop will be supplied soon

Best of PNG
 - Various    more info


Discover the best of PNG diving. Presented by a variety of operators - find out exactly what's on offer around PNG.


Break               45 mins

Expeditions R Us 
- Paul Toomer    more info

The Myths and Misconceptions of expedition diving.

Paul Toomer, trainer, explorer and avid diver talks about the realities of expedition diving, how to get involved, the romance verses the reality … using details of expeditions he’s done, those he’s been invited on & those he’s led, Paul will take you on an expedition of your own with photos, anecdotes, funny & not so funny stories.

A presentation not to be missed

Interactive Photographic Lighting Techniques
- Liz Rogers    more info

A hands on experience with off camera lighting.

In a dark room with half a dozen strobes on hand and a camera hooked up to the big screen, we’ll experiment with a) directing your dive buddy b) dealing with bad vis & c) lighting spaces large & small

Diving at Altitude
-Michael Josh Thornton    more info

Not all caves are created equal. Alpine cave diving includes some unique logistical issues; difficult approaches (includiing snow mobiles), steep climbs, skiing - all before entering the water! Josh & Michael talk about their challenges & how they've overcome them.

Big Animals / Blue water
- Darren Jew    more info

With no strobes and only natural light - Darren explains how to get the best images with your camera

Liberty CCR Introduced 
Bob Thompson, Dive Soft    more info

Discover the Liberty CCR - first rebreather in the world certified according to EN 14143:2013 without any exceptions or exclusions. The Liberty CCR unveiled here


OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition Results
more info

Awards & winning images of the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition including the Nikon Portfolio of the Year

Project Long shot
- Mark Ryan    more info

The search to find the first shot fired in WWI (in Australian Waters) & the crazy story behind it.

Cave mapping systems
- John Dalla-Zuanna    more info

Development of cave mapping systems using unique survey techniques and equipment to produce 3D maps of, usually, extreme, cave environments.

Topic to be Confirmed
Georges Cameras    more info


6:00pm Exhibition Closes until 8am Sunday

Special Event - On The Edge - An Evening With Diving's Explorers

6:30pm - 8:30pm in the main theatre:
Feature presentations by Explorer Club members Rod Macdonald, Paul Toomer and Jill Heinerth and be emceed by David Strike.
More details on this special event


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Time               Main Theatre OZTek Seminar Room E3.9 OZTek Seminar Room E3.3   Photographic workshops
  Exhibitor workshops


The Rape of the Java Sea
- Andrew Fock    more info

The history, and tragic disappearance, of World War II Shipwrecks and war graves in the Java Sea.

The connection that didn't exist
- Cristina Zenato    more info

In 2012 Cristina connected an inland cave with an ocean blue hole, rated by Rob Palmer as "one of the most dangerous caves in the world". This is the story about the attempts; difficulties, failures and successes during Cristina’s solitary quest for a connection she was told by many cave divers it didn’t exist.

- Paul Raymaekers     more info

"Everyone thinks scrubbers are simple BUT is this true? Come along and find out exactly how and why scrubbers do what they do and are critical to rebreathers."

Topic to be Confirmed
Georges Cameras    more info


SSI - Travelling with Technical Equipment
Ben Reymenants    more info

It can be done .. without the drama. Learn tips from the pro on how best to tackle travel with technical diving equipment.

Moments that took My Breath Away 
Michael Aw    more info

Michael AW, a Fellow of the Explorer Club, shares with you intimate moments from his adventures with orcas, leopard seals, crocodiles, tiger sharks, Great whites, Southern right whale and the times he was thrown out of water by humpback and Brydes whales. For the first time ever, Michael shall reveal picture an undescribed specie of Dumbo octopus recently discovered in the deep Arctic Ocean

When the war came to Canada
- Jill Heinerth    more info

On Sep 4, 1942 a German u-boat bought the Atlantic battle to Canada's shores. Jil presents stunning still & video of the Bell Island mines and the war wrecks that defined the geography of Canada.

Mysterious Sinking of HMCS Athabaskan
- Andrew Pitkin    more info

in 1944 a Canadian Tribal-class destroyer sank in 87m off the coast of Normandy, France, while chasing a German E-boat. Canada’s biggest naval loss of WWII, with only half of her 256-man crew surviving. A multinational group of divers explored the wreck hoping to uncover evidence of what had really happened to the ‘Unlucky Lady’

Capturing The Money Shot
- Amanda Cotton    more info

Capturing orcas, crocodiles, sharks, caves & other extreme encounters &environments takes focus and dedication to the subject matter; capturing the WOW photograph during these experiences requires preplanning, technique and a certain amount of luck. Amanda Cotton talks about what works for her when shooting these extreme subjects, what you can do to ensure great image results during your once in a lifetime encounters in the ocean.

Diving with Tiger Sharks
- Dieter Kudler    more info

Diving with Tiger sharks at Cathedral Shark Dive (Fiji), Shark conservation and sustainable marine eco-tourism with Dieter Kudler of Bega Lagoon Resort / Dive Adventures.

New discoveries in the Crystal Caves of Bahamas
- Brian Kakuk    more info

Mapping & photogrammetry of the Crystal Caves of Abaco Island. Dec 2016, a group of explorers, cartographers and 3D specialist conduct a 3 week project funded by National Geographic Society - hear all about it & see the imagery hot off the press

Marine archaeology & the Golden Frontier
- Matt Carter
   more info

With new mapping techniques and technical diving innovations - this is possibly the emergence of a golden era in marine archaeology.

Project Shadow
- Edd Stockdale
   more info

Wreck hunting in Malta

Finessing Your Footage
- Peter Lightowler    more info

How to get great colour from your underwater video system - Dealing with colour issues filming underwater and a live demonstration of colour grading, showing you how to finesse your footage and give your video's amazing colour.

Diving in the Philippines
- Bigs Eggert    more info

From frog fish to thresher sharks with Bigs Eggert of Amun Ini & Sea Explorers / Tourism Philippines.
Break               30 mins

Carbon dioxide in rebreathers
- Simon Mitchell
   more info

New targeted research to answer your questions. See speaker presentation preview for full details

Clash of the Dreadnoughts
- Kieren Hatton
   more info

Visiting the most famous of Naval battlefields 100 years on.

In 1916, between May 31st and June 1st, British & German fleets met off the Jutland Bank in the North Sea. In 2016 a team of UK divers set out to visit the wrecks to mark the 100th Anniversary of the battle and their demise.

The Push for More
- Tom Crisp    more info

The process of how new NZ caves were found, from the humble beginnings to exploration projects still running today. The talk will showcase photos and videos of what the team found along the way as their research became more refined.

Harnessing Inspiration
- Darren Jew   more info

From enthusiast to professional - what makes it work & how best to tackle it

rEvo Basics
- Paul Raymaekers    more info

Find out all about the rEvo Rebreather from the expert.

The Daniel J Morell - 50 years on
- Becky Kagan- Schott    more info

An incredible story; wreckage sitting in 63m of water preserved like a time capsule in 4C temperatures. Like visiting an underwater museum where things appear as they were 50 years ago. Becky will show haunting imagery from outside and inside the shipwreck and some of the other fascinating wrecks in the same area from the 1700s to modern day.

Freediving Exploration: 
 - Stig Severinsen    more info

Optimised Health, Performance & Safety
The New Breatheology Method Revealed

Underground & Underwater
 - Vic Verlinden    more info

A photographic tour on diving in mines & caves located in Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and France.

Post Processing 
 - Ross Gudgeon    more info

More information on this workshop is on its way.

Win a Mike Ball Dive Expedition
 - Mike Ball    more info

Meet Mike Ball, you may win the 4 night Fly Dive Coral Sea door prize.

Learn why Mike was the first liveaboard operator in the world inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.
Mike’s expeditions are suitable for the adventurous diver seeking exciting shark and big fish action and exotic marine life found at the far northern Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.
Solo diving, rebreather diving, photo shootout and amazing food on all departures.
Break               30 mins

Fate of HMS Curacoa & HMS Hurst Castle
Barry McGill    more info

The Battle of the Atlantic was the dominating factor throughout WWII. A visual tour of two, once forgotten, Warships, lost in time deep beneath the cold, dark blue unforgiving waters of the North Atlantic, while their brave crew members tried to protect the convoys off the North Atlantic Coast of Ireland.

Calm in the Dark
 - Liz Rogers      more info

First Sydney Screening: Documentary on Liz Rogers and her cave exploration team, discovering virgin caves of West Timor.
Official release April 30 on Red Bull TV. Filmed in 2016
Field Director: Mic Simpson / Lead Camera: Curtis Redden / Second Camera: Blake Copland / Dive camera: Simon Christidis / Editor / Post Production: Curtis Redden / Producer: George Opadchy.
- The Construction Site

Rebreather Blackboxes
 - Gareth Lock     more info

Aviation use them, why not rebreather divers?
Recent research demonstrates, through a specific case study, there is considerable utility in data capture and post-event analysis to highlight where ‘human factor’ failures have occurred and identify areas for future improvement. In this particular case, without such data, it was very likely the post-accident analysis would have concluded a solenoid failure which led to the death of the diver in question when, in fact, it was likely down to cognitive failures. 

Topic to be Confirmed
Georges Cameras    more info


TSS Coramba: The Ship The Sea Swallowed
 - Mark Ryan     more info

On the 30th November 1934 the Coramba sank in a fierce gale off Phillip Island on the approach to Western Port.
The wreck was originally reported as being located in December 1934 by the famous Standard Dress diver ‘Johnno' Johnstone on request of the Coramba’s insurance company. However the wreck was never dived and its actual location was not confirmed. It was thought to be near the east side of Seal Rocks, Phillip Island.
In 1984 Des Williams authored the Book “The Ship the Sea Swallowed”. This document contains details of the ships history and its sinking. Other resources used include The Board of Marine Inquiry into the sinking.
Additional information was also gathered from the National Archives, personal interviews and Newspapers. After 8 years of searching the TSS Coramba was discovered by SOE on the 29th May 2011 approximately 10 nautical miles south of Seal Rocks, a long way from all other indicated positions.
Whilst finding the ship answers the immediate mystery as to the location of the wreck, there are still many unanswered questions as to the ships final moments and why is it so far from its reported position

Belize - New Cave Exploration
 - Shannon Micallef     more info

During 2016, extensive work was completed to extend the exploration of the underwater caves of Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Caye Chapel and the Chiquibul National Park. An additional 2.42 kms of line has been installed and surveyed during 2016 in Giant Cave alone, under Caye Caulker, talking the total line length to 7.68 kms.

MV Rena - Open for Diving
 - Mike Torr     more info

Mv Rena Wreck: This Wreck Now Has Diver Access Since The Lifting Of The Salvage Exclusion Zone.
  • NZ’s worst maritime disaster
  • 37,000 tonne container ship hit a reef 12NM off Tauranga in North Island
  • 2nd most expensive salvage operating in history
  • Legal battles continuing
  • Salvage completed in March 2016. April 2016 and the reef environment and remains of the ship opened to the public and divers
  • Ship is in 3 sections. The remains of the bow in 6 to 18 m. 120m of the stern section in 30 to 65m.
  • Presentation will cover history of the ship, the wreck, some salvage, and photo and video of the ship as it is today.

Scuba Diving in the Courts
 - Dale Clapperton  

 15 mins      

Florida Cave Exploration
 - Andrew Pitkin     more info

Enormous deep cathedral-like passage to no-mount squeezes in tannic brown water, underwater cave exploration is going on apace in Florida. Away from the favourite ‘tourist’ sites, small groups of tenacious divers are steadily mapping large amounts of conduit in Florida’s aquifer. Ongoing exploration in less-visited systems such as Cathedral Canyon, M2 Blue & numerous smaller systems is supplemented by new passage being added to popular dives sites such as Eagle’s Nest, Madison Blue & Manatee Spring.

Hong Song Cave - pushing for more
 - Ben Reymenants    more info

More information on Ben's recent successful push is on its way.

Deep Stops - or not?
 - David Doolette     more info

This talk examines the scientific evidence for or against the efficacy of deep stops decompression, from the earliest observations on the Torres Strait pearl divers to the latest experiments involving technical divers.
5:00pm Closing Comments
-Sue Crowe

5:00pm Exhibition Closes
7:00-11:30pm OZTek Gala Awards Dinner - 'Aerial at UTS'
Awards, Presentations, Special Guests & Fun

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